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Flying Monkeys Drawstring Bag

Flying Monkeys Drawstring Bag

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"Unleash the Spooky Fun with Our Flying Monkeys Drawstring Bag—The Ultimate Halloween Accessory for Kids!"



Hold on to your broomsticks, because this isn't just any drawstring bag—it's a Halloween extravaganza for your little monsters! Our Flying Monkeys Drawstring Bag captures the magic and mischief of Halloween in every stitch. Made from 100% polyester broadcloth, this bag is not only an eye-popping accessory but also a durable companion for all your trick-or-treating adventures. The bag showcases full-color, stunningly detailed flying monkeys that are so vivid, they might just come to life when the clock strikes midnight! Practicality meets pizzazz, and your Halloween will never be the same!


Key Features:


- **Superior Quality Material**: 100% polyester broadcloth ensures a long-lasting, crisp feel.


- **Exquisite Print Quality**: Advanced printing techniques bring the flying monkeys to life in bright and bold colors.


- **Spacious Design**: Measuring 14" × 13", it's roomy enough for all the candy your little ghouls can grab!


- **Stylish & Practical**: The durable black braided cord and black back make it as stylish as it is functional.


Care Instructions:


1. **Spot Clean**: Gently clean with mild soap and water.

2. **Do Not Bleach**: Keep those vibrant colors shining!

3. **Tumble Dry on Low Heat**: But let's try to keep it away from the fire, shall we?

4. **No Ironing Needed**: It's already as smooth as your Halloween game plan.

5. **Do Not Dry Clean**: Because sometimes, simplicity is key.


This Halloween, make sure your kids are the coolest creatures on the block with our Flying Monkeys Drawstring Bag. Grab yours now and elevate your Halloween game to bewitching new heights!

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