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Wicked Tee - The Stylish Choice for Halloween Enthusiasts

Wicked Tee - The Stylish Choice for Halloween Enthusiasts

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Wicked Tee - The Stylish Choice for Halloween Enthusiasts! 🎃🦇



Something wicked this way comes, and it's not just the witches on broomsticks! Slip into the eerily enchanting "Wicked Tee" and become the star of the supernatural show. This Gildan 5000B Heavy Cotton™ Tee isn't just a shirt; it's an experience! Crafted from 100% ethically sourced cotton, it's as wickedly comfortable as it is durable. Perfect for Halloween haunts, pumpkin patch adventures, or just showing off your sinister style! Go on, embrace your dark side! 🎃🦇👻


Key Features:

👕 **Seamless One-Piece Tubular Knit**: Say goodbye to annoying side seams—our wicked design is all about comfort!

👕 **Ribbed Collar**: Doesn't just lie flat; it screams sophistication!

👕 **Twill Tape Shoulders**: Built to endure all your wicked escapades with supernatural strength!

👕 **Fabric Variety**: Pure 100% cotton or blends, suited to your individual level of wickedness!


Care Instructions:

🧺 **Machine Wash**: Keep the temperature devilishly warm at 40C or 105F

🧺 **Non-Chlorine Bleach**: Use as needed to ward off the mundane

🧺 **Tumble Dry**: Medium heat for drying—no cauldrons required!

🧺 **Iron**: On low, lest you awaken the spirits


🧺 **Absolutely No Dry Cleaning**: We keep our wickedness chemical-free!


Be wicked. Be bold. Get your "Wicked Tee" today! 🎃🦇👻🖤

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