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Slime-Time Pumpkin Drawstring Bag

Slime-Time Pumpkin Drawstring Bag

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A Mischievous Must-Have for Halloween Fun!

Introducing the Slime-Time Pumpkin Drawstring Bag, featuring a cheeky kid with slime on his face, holding a gleaming Halloween pumpkin! This quirky and whimsical bag is perfect for youngsters eager to embark on a night of trick-or-treating. The vibrant and playful design will spark joy and laughter, while the spacious interior is ready to be filled with sweet treasures. Crafted from 100% polyester broadcloth, this bag is a fun and durable Halloween companion.

Key Features:
- **Material:** 100% Slime-Resistant Polyester Broadcloth
- **Colors:** Bright and mischievous hues of Halloween
- **Size:** Roomy enough for every treat in town

Care Instructions:
- No bleach: It scares the slime away
- Tumble dry, low heat: The ghost's choice
- No ironing: Wrinkles add mischief
- No dry cleaning: Spot clean with mild soap and a dash of fun

Size Guide:
- **Imperial:** 13" wide by 14" long
- **Metric:** 14” x 13” - stores a pumpkin's worth of candy

With the Slime-Time Pumpkin Drawstring Bag, your little ones will be the talk of the town this Halloween! Whether filled with candy or used to carry their favorite spooky toys, it's sure to bring smiles and shrieks of delight. 🎃👻
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