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Midnight Vampire" - Unveil the Night in this Blood-Curdling Tee

Midnight Vampire" - Unveil the Night in this Blood-Curdling Tee

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Midnight Vampire" - Unveil the Night in this Blood-Curdling Tee! 🧛‍♂️🌕



Behold the "Midnight Vampire" tee, an ode to the most iconic creature of the night! A Gildan 5000B Heavy Cotton™ creation, this shirt is as enduring as a vampire's immortal soul. It's more than a tee; it's your ticket to a realm of mystery and allure. Crafted with 100% premium cotton, the comfort is so heavenly, it's almost sinful! Ideal for vampire aficionados, horror film buffs, or anyone with an appetite for the dark and dramatic. Become a creature of legend with the "Midnight Vampire" tee! 🧛‍♂️🌕


Key Features:


👕 **Seamless One-Piece Tubular Knit**: For a sleek and haunting look that's free from bothersome seams!

👕 **Ribbed Collar**: Fits perfectly around the neck, as if designed by a master vampire!

👕 **Twill Tape Shoulders**: Ensuring durability for ages—whether you're immortal or not!

👕 **Versatile Material**: Choose from pure 100% cotton or enticing blends, as alluring as a vampire's gaze!


Care Instructions:

🧺 **Machine Wash**: Warm, at a toasty 40C or 105F—no sunlight required!

🧺 **Non-Chlorine Bleach**: As needed, but remember, vampires prefer their garments dark!

🧺 **Tumble Dry**: On medium heat, dark and secluded like a vampire's lair!

🧺 **Iron**: On low, but keep it quick—vampires aren't fond of heat!


🧺 **No Dry Cleaning**: Keep it natural, just like a vampire's timeless beauty!


Don't let the night pass you by—get your "Midnight Vampire" tee and seize the darkness! 🧛‍♂️🌕🖤

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