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Flying Monkeys Unleashed - Soar Through Your Day

Flying Monkeys Unleashed - Soar Through Your Day

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Flying Monkeys Unleashed - Soar Through Your Day with this Magical Tee! 🐒🌪️



Are you a fan of the whimsical and the fantastical? Get ready to take off with our mesmerizing "Flying Monkeys Unleashed" tee! This isn't just a shirt; it's an invitation to a world of magic and wonder! Crafted from the finest Gildan 5000B Heavy Cotton™, it's designed for comfort, durability, and a sprinkling of mischief. Ideal for fans of the classic tales, theme park enthusiasts, or anyone with a penchant for the extraordinary. So why walk when you can fly? Unleash your inner flying monkey today! 🐒🌪️


Key Features:

👕 **Seamless One-Piece Tubular Knit**: No bothersome seams, perfect for all your airborne adventures!

👕 **Ribbed Collar**: Remains flat and stylish, just like our magical monkeys!

👕 **Twill Tape Shoulders**: For that extra bit of durability, whether you're flying or simply monkeying around!

👕 **Material Variety**: Pick from 100% pure cotton or blends, customizable comfort for your magical journeys!


Care Instructions:

🧺 **Machine Wash**: Keep it warm, at 40C or 105F—no need for magical spells!

🧺 **Non-Chlorine Bleach**: Use sparingly, as if conjured by a wizard!

🧺 **Tumble Dry**: Medium heat is perfect—no dragon's breath needed!

🧺 **Iron**: Low heat, to smooth out any magical wrinkles!


🧺 **No Dry Cleaning**: Our monkeys prefer to stay chemical-free!


Grab your "Flying Monkeys Unleashed" tee and let the fantasy take flight! 🐒🌪️✨


Width, in 16.14 16.93 18.11 18.90 20.08
Length, in 20.47 22.05 23.62 25.20 26.38
Sleeve length (from center back), in 13.39 14.17 15.35 16.14 17.32


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