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Spooktacular Assistant Principal' Drawstring Bag

Spooktacular Assistant Principal' Drawstring Bag

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"Earn Your Diploma in Fright with the 'Spooktacular Assistant Principal' Drawstring Bag—The Only Accredited Bag for Halloween Fun!"



Welcome to the most exclusive school of spook—the one presided over by our "Spooktacular Assistant Principal" Drawstring Bag! Perfect for teachers, parents, and kids who take their Halloween celebrations seriously, this drawstring bag proudly declares you as the Assistant Principal for the Most Spooktacular Kids! Crafted from 100% premium polyester broadcloth, it's built to last through every haunted house visit and candy-collecting mission.


Key Features:


- **Top-Grade Material**: Made with 100% polyester broadcloth, ensuring your Halloween fun is both stylish and long-lasting.


- **Unique, School-Themed Design**: Be the Assistant Principal for the most Spooktacular Kids—now that's a title worth having!


- **Room for All Your Supplies**: Measuring 14" x 13", there's enough space for candy, teaching supplies, or even some spooky classroom décor.


- **Fashion Meets Function**: With a durable black braided cord and a sleek black back, this bag is as fashionable as it is functional.


Care Instructions:


- **Spot Clean**: A quick clean with mild soap and water will keep it looking fresh.


- **Avoid Bleach**: We want to keep that vibrant design as eye-catching as possible.


- **Tumble Dry Low**: If it gets wet during your Halloween escapades, no worries—just keep the heat low.


- **Do Not Iron**: The design is already smooth—no wrinkles in this curriculum!


- **No Dry Cleaning**: Simplicity is the key to a successful school year—and Halloween!


So, are you ready to be the Assistant Principal for the most Spooktacular Kids this Halloween? Enroll now by grabbing your own "Spooktacular Assistant Principal" Drawstring Bag!



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