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Spirals of Time Duffle Bag

Spirals of Time Duffle Bag

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Spirals of Time Duffle Bag


Description: Embark on your travels with the Spirals of Time Duffle Bag 🧳, a carrier that whirls you into the artistry of the cosmos. This duffle encapsulates the beauty of celestial mechanics with its spiral and intricate gear-like designs 🌀✨. It's not just a bag; it's a piece of portable art that carries the essence of the universe's infinite complexity 🌌.



- Material: Artisan canvas with high-resolution cosmic spiral print 🎨

- Compartments: Spacious main compartment with zipped pockets for valuables 🔒

- Straps: Adjustable shoulder strap and sturdy hand straps for versatile carrying options 💪

- Closure: Heavy-duty metal zipper ensuring your belongings are secured 🛡️

- Size: Generous storage capacity, yet compact enough for overhead compartments ✈️

- Care: Spot clean with a damp cloth for easy maintenance 🧼

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