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Skele-Hand Explorer' Kids Tee!

Skele-Hand Explorer' Kids Tee!

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🎃 "Grab Hold of Adventure with the 'Skele-Hand Explorer' Kids Tee!" 🎃



🌟 When the skeletal hand rises, so do the thrills! Introducing the 'Skele-Hand Explorer' Kids Tee – a t-shirt designed to spark the imagination and ignite the fearless spirit of your young adventurer. Uncover hidden secrets, embark on a daring quest, or set sail for new horizons; with this t-shirt, the possibilities are endless. Experience the excitement—once you put it on, you won't want to take it off!


Key Features:


👕 **Finger-Bone Fabulous**: The captivating skeletal hand graphic is more than just a design—it's an invitation to endless exploration and fun!


👕 **Built for Courage**: Twill-taped shoulders make sure this t-shirt can stand up to the most daring of escapades.


👕 **Resilient and Reliable**: Ribbed knit collar retains its shape, no matter what challenges your little hero faces.


👕 **Spookily Soft**: Crafted with a cotton blend that feels softer than a ghost's whisper, perfect for every little explorer.


Care Instructions:

👚 **Ghoulishly Simple Upkeep**: Machine wash warm; tumble dry on medium heat; and minimal ironing required. Your 'Skele-Hand Explorer' Tee will stand the test of time—or at least until they outgrow it!


Don't miss out on the most spine-tingling shirt of the season. Make this Halloween an epic tale of adventure with the 'Skele-Hand Explorer' Kids Tee! 🌟


Width, in 16.14 16.93 18.11 18.90 20.08
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Sleeve length (from center back), in 13.39 14.17 15.35 16.14 17.32


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