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Midnight Vampire' Drawstring Bag

Midnight Vampire' Drawstring Bag

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"Unleash Your Inner Dracula with the 'Midnight Vampire' 🦇 Drawstring Bag—The Nocturnal Companion You've Been Thirsting For!"



As the clock strikes midnight 🕛 and the creatures of the night come out to play, make sure you're equipped with the "Midnight Vampire" 🦇 Drawstring Bag! More than just a bag, it's an emblem of timeless elegance and mysterious allure. Crafted from 100% blood-resistant polyester broadcloth, this bag is perfect for night prowlers and vampire enthusiasts alike!


Key Features:


- **Eternal Material 🌟**: Fashioned from 100% polyester broadcloth, as eternal as a vampire's curse.


- **Fang-Tastic Design 🦇**: Show off your love for the night with our exclusive "Midnight Vampire" motif.


- **Nighttime-Sized 🎒**: With dimensions of 14" x 13", there’s enough room for your vampire essentials—garlic not included.


- **Sleek and Stylish 🖤**: Features a pitch-black braided cord and matching back for that midnight elegance.


Care Instructions:


- **Spot Clean 🧼**: To remove any traces of spilled blood or wine, use mild soap and water.


- **Bleach-Free 🚫**: Keep those dark and mysterious colors as captivating as your stare.


- **Low Heat Tumble Dry 🌀**: For when the night comes to an end and the dawn approaches.


- **No Iron Needed 🚫**: The material is as smooth as a vampire’s charm.


- **Skip Dry Cleaning 🚫**: Simple care for a complex creature of the night.


Are you ready to embrace the darkness this Halloween 🎃? Grab the "Midnight Vampire" 🦇 Drawstring Bag and make the night yours!



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